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School Calendar

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Tsi Niwenhni:to'ten:s/Months

January - Iotohrko:wa (time of great lazyness)

February - Enniska (time of tardiness)

March - Ennisko:wa (time of great tardiness)

April - Onerahtokha (the leaves are budding)

May - Onerahtohko:wa(leaves are budding more)

June - Ohiari:ha (Fruits begin to ripen)

July - Ohiarihko:wa (fruits begin to ripen even more)

August - Seskeha (time of freshness)

September - Seskehko:wa (time of great freshness)

October - Kenten:ha (time of poverty in nature)

November - Kentenhko:wa (time of much poverty)

December - Iotohrha (time of lazyness)

Our ancient Mohawk people didn't get stressed out because of deadlines, appointments or the tick tock of the clock.  They used the natural world to regulate their schedules.  Our people ate when they were hungry and slept when they were tired.  Time for them went by the sun, the moon and the stars.  As the days got colder the sun's intensity would change and the days grew shorter.  This told us that fall was coming.  The stars configurations told us when to do certain ceremonies to give thanks to the creator for his provisions.  Time went hand in hand with nature.  Nature was telling us when to plant, when to harvest and when to stay indoors.  Winter was a time of rest and telling stories. The first sign of crows signaled that winter was coming to an end and the warmer days and cold nights indicated that it was time to collect the sap for making maple syrup. Animals shedding their winter fur told them it was spring. 

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