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Internet resources

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Information technology has irreversibly changed the world in which we live.  Our portable computer trolley's help us to meet this challenge.  We have 10 laptops and 12 Apple i-Pads all hooked up to the internet..  We are fortunate to run on a wireless network as well.

Students and teachers use the trolley on a daily basis for research and lesson planning.  Without the FNEC our school would be nowhere near where we are technology wise.  A huge niawenkowa/merci/thank you must be give to the FNEC for all the technolological support they give to us.

Battery Recouperation

We are proud to offer a battery recycling collection service. Simply send in your used batteries (AA, AAA, 9 volt) to the school with your child and you will be supporting the school and the environment. 

Our students have been taught to recycle juice boxes and milk cartons.  Boxes & cartons must be empty and the straws removed.  Grade 6 monitors the students and put the recycling bins out after recess and lunchtime.  The amount of garbage waste has reduced and hopefully this knowledge has transferred to their home settings.  The students and teachers should become more environmentally conscious and be aware of their environmental footprints.  We've entered a contest a few years ago with Metro called the Green Apple School Program and  won a $1000.00 grant to help us with our recycling efforts.

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