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Kahkwakon Menu for May   2009                                          

Meal includes: meal, juice, milk or water & dessert      

Prices: Complete meal Grades 1-6 - $3.75  Grade 7-11 - $4.00  Teachers/Adults - $4.50













4  Chicken Fingers/Garden Salad             


5 Lasagna/Garlic Bread     


6 Chicken BLT Wrap/Rice


7 Hamburger/Oven-baked potato


8 Pizza/Caesar Salad



11 Chicken Burger/Garden Salad


12 Grilled Cheese & Soup



13 Shepard’s Pie


14 Hot Dog/Macaroni & Cheese



15 Pizza/Caesar Salad




19 Chicken Wrap/Rice


20 Spaghetti/Garlic Bread




21 Chicken a la King


22 Pizza/Caesar Salad


25 Taco/Rice


26 Hot Chicken/Mashed Potatoes/Veg.



27 Sub/Soup


28 Hamburger Steak/Mashed Potatoes/Veggies


29 Pizza/Caesar Salad


Large Fruit or vegetable plate $2.00  Small Fruit or veg. plate  $1.50   

Juice, Milk, Water - $1.00

Desert & Snacks -$1.00 (yogurt, jello, cheese/crackers, muffin, applesauce, pudding)

Pom Bun & Butter $.75           Chocolate Milk $1.00             Hot chocolate $1.00

Soup - (only on days when soup is offered as part of the main meal)  - $1.50    Sandwich $2.50              Extra slice pizza or hamburger  $2.25 

Bagel or Toast $1.25   Toast & cheese $1.50 Bagel with egg & cheese $2.00    Bagel & cheese $1.50    English Muffin with bacon, egg, cheese $2.75    


We apologize in advance but due to circumstances beyond our control this menu is subject to change without notice.

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