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In the past the Mohawk did not have schools as it is now.  You wouldn't know it but the education of the children was an ongoing way of life.  Many people shared in the teachings daily.  Much of what the children needed to learn they learned through watching adults.  The only formal instruction that children received was about their religion.  The girls were encouraged to work alongside their mothers, aunts and grandmothers.  As soon as they could, the girls began helping with the household chores. The responsibility for educating the boys fell to their fathers and uncles.  The boys had many skills they would need to learn to become good hunters and warriors.   

During the winter months the children would be taught by the elders.  The stories the elders told were intended to instruct the proper way of behaving.  Other stories were told about history and religion.

Stories weren't told in the summertime because the animals would stop to listen.  If the animals stopped to listen they themselves it couldn't be guaranteed that they would have gathered enough food to last the winter months.


































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