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School Classes

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Mohawk, French, English


Cycle One, Two, Three

Arrowsmith Program

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We have a real sense of family at our school where a positive learning environment is created. The average size classes are filled with 10-15 students. Small classes, individual attention, low-student teacher ratio. High levels of student and teacher enthusiasm.

Each cycle plans and organizes curriculum related outings and activities throughout the school year such as apple picking, visits to museums, trips to Montreal Science Center, Biodome, Sugar cabin, and Tubing.

Language programs build communication skills in Mohawk, English and French. Students in N/K, and Cycle 1 learn in their native tongue. Students receive a thematic based French as a second language program is provided for students

We have groupings in cycles rather than grades as suggested by the Quebec Education Reform. The students have 2 years to develop and master the competencies for each cycle. We try to ensure as much as possible that the same teacher stays with the students for the 2 year cycle.


The Arrowsmith program was implemented this year at Rotiwennakehte Elementary School in Kanesatake to provide students of average and above-average intelligence with the additional support they need to overcome the learning difficulties they are experiencing.

We have a few students currently enrolled in the program who are benefitting from this innovative learning environment. To further enhance the prospect of academic success, we provide additional resource support in literacy and numeracy; English and Math, to ensure that a gradual transition back into regular classes can take place.





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